Christian Discrimination and “Bring Your Bible to School” Day

Before you being reading, if you’ve ever been a victim of Christian discrimination I’d love to learn how you stood up against those that criticized you so I can share your story with other Christian that are currently suffering from Christian discrimination…God bless.

I just learned that Christian students nationwide are being encouraged to share their faith during ‘Bring Your Bible to School’ Day. I wish “Bring Your Bible to School Day” was encouraged during my time in grades K-12, and of course the University I go to would NEVER advertise a “Bring Your Bible to School Day” even though they proclaim that students would feel safe to be who they are and that no one should criticize anyone for their beliefs…that is unless their beliefs are based in Christianity.

It’s so strange that every group on campus, such as LGBTQ groups or BLM, just as examples, are offered a safe space without criticism, but Christian groups are widely mocked and looked down upon by other groups that have suffered discrimination in the recent past. I don’t know, I just find this strange.

Anyway, enough of me rambling on, let’s get back to the article I read in regards to “Bring Your Bible to School Day”.


Last week, Focus on the Family led its 8th annual “Bring Your Bible to School Day” as hundreds of thousands of Christian students were encouraged to share the Word of God with their classmates.

“This annual campaign empowers Christian students of all ages to speak God’s grace and truth into the culture around them, starting with two simple steps — bringing their Bibles to school and sharing what God’s Word means to them,” Focus on the Family Program Manager Bret Eckelberry explained in a statement last week.

“It opens doors for students to talk to their friends about the gospel. It connects them with other believers in their school,” he continued. “And it allows them to celebrate their religious freedoms in the United States.”

In a recent interview with The Christian Post, Focus on the Family’s Vice President of Parenting and Youth Danny Huerta explained that the majority of participants are high school students or junior high school students, but students “all through college” can participate as well.

While it was too soon to tell whether more students participated in this year’s event than from last year, which had 514,000 participants, Huerta did note that registration for this year “surpassed last year’s registration numbers.”

“Our eventual goal is to get 1 million kids bringing their Bible to school or more,” he continued. “It’s basically just a starting point … for kids to maybe start Bible studies in their school, [or] pray together in their school.”

Huerta stressed that students have “the freedom to bring their Bible to school in a public school setting as long as they’re not disruptive in the school.” Additionally, he pointed out that the best times for students to share the Word of God with others were before and after school as well as lunch and recess.

While students have previously faced opposition from school staff from sharing their faith, Huerta said that the Focus on the Family has referred parents and students to the religious liberty law firm Alliance Defending Freedom as a resource in the midst of adversity.

He hopes that the annual event can unite American students in “hope and love” amid the division seen across the world today.

“We’ve really been focused even more so now on the opportunity to offer hope, to invite peers and students into conversation about God’s Word and about their faith and just standing courageously and with love and hope,” Huerta said.

“It’s about inviting people into something that is very loving, which is a relationship with their Heavenly Father and with God’s word,” he asserted.

Once again, please let me know if you’ve ever felt discrimination due to your Christian beliefs and how you stood up to those that criticized you so I can share your story with others that could use your advice!


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10 thoughts on “Christian Discrimination and “Bring Your Bible to School” Day

  1. Good post. I actually like best what you said: “It’s so strange that every group on campus, such as LGBTQ groups or BLM, just as examples, are offered a safe space without criticism, but Christian groups are widely mocked and looked down upon by other groups that have suffered discrimination in the recent past.”

    Well said on your part, and things will continue on this way. Praise God for strong, young believers such as yourself who love Christ and are fighting the good fight. At age 63, this gives me hope.

    Forge on for Christ, young lady.

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  2. My time in the Army, I was about the lone outspoken Christian, whereas many others were Muslims. I got mocked a lot, but learned lots, stood my ground, stayed calm, and found answers. I believe opposition really produces some good growth.

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  3. It is worse overseas. According to the International Society of Human Rights, a secular organization based in Frankfurt, Christians are the victims of 80 percent of all religious discrimination worldwide. A reality that Middle Eastern Christians know but most Americans deny is that whenever Western powers interfere in Muslim lands, the population tends to take it out on the local Christian population. The Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture collaborated with the Religious Freedom Institute to study how Christians around the world respond to persecution. The short answer: perseverance. Source: “Responding to Persecution” by L. Simms at

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  4. We call this on our self. Burning our books and changing how we practice our faith has a price. We have been damaging souls for centuries. Man has never apologized for Slavery. Until they do, it going to get worst. Religious bodies and not spiritually guided.

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  5. As I read in your blog. It is a lot of discrimination here in the United States in schools. I remember when I am in the Philippines. we pray also this country in our prayer meeting. because we know I. the Bible will come to pass. whatever is happening now. especially that real Christian that he calls. there is a time that we will face more persecution as we read in the Bible. some Christians pray that they will escape persecution. that is a big mistake and misleading. all of the servants in the Bible face persecutions. the only thing I know is we need to pray in Advance. that GOD gives us more strength, in the spiritual aspect and body. and more boldness to share the gospel.

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  6. I have been belittled and berated for my beliefs by my family in NZ and although it used to hurt a lot, I’ve come to the point where I realize God doesn’t need me to defend Him, nor do I need to bash anyone over the head with the Bible. He’s the One who draws people to Himself. All I’m called to do is love people for who God made them to be, treat people with respect, and stand firm in my beliefs no matter what anyone else says. My best witness is a life lived in love, like Jesus did, and hopefully they will eventually want the love, peace, and joy I exude through the help of the Holy Spirit. It’s more difficult, I think, to witness to basically “good” people who are lacking nothing materially and don’t see their “need” for Him, especially when they don’t believe in heaven or hell.

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