Friends of the Christian Tech Nerd

Hi! I would like to share with my readers similar Christian blogs that I think they would enjoy learning about.

I’m going to start adding links to similar Christian blogs to this page sometime this week so please check this page regularly as I’ll be updating the list of blogs daily!

If you would like for me to place a link to your blog please send it to me in the comments section and I’ll add it to the list below. You do not have to place a link to my blog on your blog/site in order to get a link to your blog listed here, but I would very much appreciate if you did.

Christian Blogs I Recommend:

Towards Excellence

Burning My Boat

Jean Ryan

Towards Excellence

The Kaiser Karen

Young Women of the Faith

Alicia Marentette

Salty Saints

Shaun C. Kennedy’s Bible Translation Blog

Matthew 6.6

Alpha Omega Portal

Marred in the Master’s hands

Cards Coffee And God

Pavement Ends Ministry

Frank Talk With Grace

30 Seconds with God

Jonathon D. Svendsen


Ultimate Impact

Unapologetically Marcia

Devotions of the Heart

The Right Well

Inspire 2 Achieve

Disciple’s Direction


Four-Calendar Café

Speak True Life


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101 thoughts on “Friends of the Christian Tech Nerd

  1. No I asked you a question if the pictures of the ladies on your blog are you and have you ever read any of Dr James Richard’s stuff
    Moving your invisible boundaries
    I did add your link to my website because I love your blog.


    1. Thank you! Yes..I always use my pics on posts…Do you think I shouldn’t use my pics? I just think it’s a nice branding thing so people who read my blog always know it’s me…but if you think it’s a bad idea I may consider not using my pics. And I will google Dr. James later this evening..I have a few exams this week so if I don;t reply to your messages it’s because I’m studying 🙂

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      1. Yes of course! And thank you! I think I’ll post something like you did on my Instagram page and here on the blog too, for fellow bloggers!


  2. It is refreshing to see young people today who truly love the Lord and the word of God. I appreciate the work you are doing, your love of the Lord, and your commitment. Satan is fighting hard in this culture today for the minds of youth. The Lord needs more of your age to show them true wisdom. I have you in my prayers.

    “: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.”

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  3. Thank you for doing this! I try to showcase Christian bloggers, too, on my blog (but I hadn’t thought of just linking to them as you’ve done–and which now looks like a better way than I had). I’ll direct my viewers to this post. If anybody here wants to visit, my blog address is .

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  4. A new Christian song, here, I offer to you !
    And a choir very marvellous sang to me !
    Extract:” I say, “We? We? We? »
    I hear: “Your Holy Little Heavenly Feathers, Your beloved Holy Musketeers” (so far, only one Voice, that of Jesus), “the Saints and Saints” (there, many of them tell me, sing it to me, here, like a choral Celestial! On the musical notes G (les) and, 2 and a half tones higher, C (Saints), then again G (and) Saintes (C)!) and there, I pick up, I feel that I intellectualize too much, I am no longer listening to my Holy Voices.”
    Thank God and His faithful servants, thank you for reading me,
    Hélène MUnitedHearts+Precious Blood- Precious Blood- Precious Blood
    With humor, love and Hearts united!

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  5. I would like to ask if you’d consider adding my blog to your list: (Sunday Morning Greek Blog). I spent two years straight reading through the Greek New Testament and writing about what I learned. I’ll give you a plug on my Truth Social account. Thank you.


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