Ways to Better Enjoy Reading the Bible

The Word of God is full of history, wisdom, poetry, warnings, and truth. When approached with a heart open to the Holy Spirit’s whispers and a mind focused on understanding, the Bible can be one of a Christian’s greatest resources and treasured objects. But it also takes time. It can be confusing. It can feel like a chore and an obligation sometimes, particularly in seasons of spiritual difficulty or when life gets busy.

For some people, they never had an opportunity to build in the habit to have daily quiet time to invest in studying the Bible, and struggle to start. There are many ways the world can serve as a distraction as well.

God wants us to be in His Word, spending time with Him, and getting to know Him through that time and study; one of the Psalms reads, “More to be desired are [God’s precepts in the Word] are they than gold, even much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and drippings of the honeycomb” (Psalm 19:10). Studying the Bible should be a sweet experience, so finding ways to make it a better experience can help someone enjoy their time in the Bible more.

Here are a few ways to better enjoy reading the Bible:

Create a Space for Reading Your Bible

Some people find it easier to read under certain conditions. Some of them prefer to be in dark corners with overhead light, or others in a window with full natural light. Creating a personalized space with your favorite chair and good light that you want to spend time in can make reading the Bible a treat.

There are also scientific studies that suggest studying in the same place and environment can help with retention. Making a space dedicated to spending time alone with God and His Word is also inviting the Lord into your home in a real way.

Make It a Challenge

For the person who thrives in competition – or just likes to go the extra mile – finding ways to make reading the Bible a challenge can make it more engaging. Maybe see how many verses in a chapter you can memorize. Try reading a book in a month. Challenge yourself to read one of the dense, or more challenging texts like Isaiah or Ezekiel.

There are also free Bible reading challenges you can find online that can push your boundaries, get you to stretch yourself, and maybe even get a few friends to participate so you can have discussion.

Follow a Bible Reading Plan Themed around a Concern or Topic of Interest

When people go through phases of life, sometimes they need to focus on passages of the Bible that can speak to whatever they are experiencing.

Struggling with doubt? Find passages and stories that focus on confidence in God’s plan. Want to learn more about Israel’s time in exile? Spend your time in Daniel, Ezra, and Nehemiah. Need a little more joy in your life? Seek out passages that speak about joy.

Have Background Music Playing

Whether white noise helps a person focus, or they find music spiritually engaging, playing music can enhance time in the Word. Some people may turn to light, ambient music with no words, while others may want an uplifting worship tune. Some people cannot focus in silence, so music helps their brain engage and focus on the task at hand. It can also make quiet time a more sensory experience.

Do It with a Friend or Family Member

Being able to share thoughts, feelings, and ideas with another person may make reading the Bible a more fun experience. Have a coffee date once a week with a friend to exchange notes and observations. Make it a family experience, with everyone in the family reading the same verses or passages and then discuss it over dinner.

The Bible can act as a wonderful tool for bonding between people, and the company can provide an avenue for discovering more about God’s Word. The Holy Spirit illuminates different things to different people, so the opportunity to share how the Lord is working in each individual’s life through their study can be fulfilling.

Memorize Your Favorite Verses

Memorization can be difficult, but rewarding. Lots of people want to have better recall for Bible verses, so using quiet study time as an opportunity to focus on learning certain passages by heart can be an effective way to start the memorization process. Whether you learn better by repeating aloud, reading the same thing several times, or writing something down, engaging with the Bible in a tactile way with the intent to embed it in your heart and mind is always a worthwhile pursuit.


Everyone is different and has their own approach to making an activity engaging and enjoyable. Not every tip is going to work for every person, but each one is worth giving a try. Experimenting with when you read the Bible can have an impact as well. The Bible is a sweet and wonderful resource for Christians, so making sure that reading it is not a chore is important to spiritual growth. Find more ways to make Bible study a pleasure, and not an obligation.


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55 thoughts on “Ways to Better Enjoy Reading the Bible

    1. Alleluia!

      Just from the first few paragraphs l can see this is going to bless whosoever!

      Congrats! This is such an important essential part of being a christian.

      In a nutshell, we need to fit our lives around the bible, but life has us doing the opposite 😅

      Help us Jesus!

      Keep on keeping my sister and l pray God enlarges your territory.

      Tomorrow in of to London to see brother Graham


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  1. Practicing Christian. How we started before we were Ordained. At school, we had a group of Christians from different backgrounds, We from Trinidad, and our diction is different. We fellowship before starting classes. The Holy Spirit can only come in when you open up. Clean body and sound mind. Remember the work of the believer is to save souls from Satan his fallen angels and demnation. May Almighty God guide and keep you, sis.

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    1. Not only to get into the word. You can preach and quote a ton of scripture and save no one. Living a spiritual life is the objective. Traveling on the spiritual realm of God and seeing the beauty of his creation. That is life.

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  2. I recently rearranged a room in my house to have a little prayer and Bible corner, separated from the rest of the room and less distracting. When I say recently, I mean today, so I don’t have a long term opinion yet on if it’s going to help, but I like it so far.

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      1. What a beautiful true message regarding the gospel !! And how truly said that reading the bible should be something that comes from each believers heart and not as an obligation or ritualistic act….it stems from our own conscience amd desire to learn God’s word and we all can do it in our own special way!!
        God bless u dear💟

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    1. Question: What is the imperfection of God? .” while God “may” be perfect” What is imperfection, can you simply God’s imperfection. This morning we awake and only gave thanks for being 76 and of a sound mind and good health. That is God making me know he did not have to wake me. However, man imperfection list has no end. There are words like Shall, and May, people must be seriously analyzing. Not saying you not serious, Thou shall not kill. Thou shall not make false statements against thy brother. To say God is not perfect is to believe the Universe has errors. The Sun. Moon. Stars. Wind and the luminaries all work with persecution. Man can date and time movement by the part of a second. What is not perfect there?. Bloggingfundementals.

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      1. I have just read Keith’s comment, so understand why you’ve said that. No offence taken. I totally agree with what you have said ☺️ It is because of my belief, agreement and understanding of God that made me question why you had said it to me (when you obviously had not).

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  3. CTN, well done. I am a big believer in the over-arching messages that are found therein. Sometimes, we can get in the weeds and miss the greater context. To me, the Golden Rule is called that for a reason – if we treat each other like we want to be treated, then we are way ahead in the game. Jesus’ words are so profound, that variations of the Golden Rule can be found in other religious texts.

    I say this, as even being divinely inspired, the bible was written, edited and translated largely by “imperfect men.” Both of those words are important. So, when some people harp on the inconsistencies that exist therein to discredit it because chapters were written by different people, we can still focus on the larger messages.

    I say this not to denigrate anyone’s perceptions or beliefs, but to arm people with the simple fact that while God may be perfect, his messengers are just as imperfect as we are. That is why it is good to discuss what is meant in the context of the time it was written.

    Again, I love your suggestions. Peace be with you. Keith

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  4. My contribution is people should be attending a church in their community. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints. It was restored to the earth by the Prophet Joseph Smith through Jesus Christ and heavenly father. I suggest you all find a local branch to learn and be baptized into God’s on true church here on earth.

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      1. Hello Rev. Bishop Dr. Victor Phillip PH.D. Order of St. John I wll tell that my Church believes that everyone should have church they believe in. We are of different churches but we know that one God rules over us. Christ has two main rules: Love Heavenly Father will all thy mind, might and strentgh. Number Two is to love thy neighbour like ourselves. If we all do this towards each other we can have a happier and hopefully more loving world to live in. I pray this explains further what I failed to do the first time with my blog. I am a strong believer in my Church. I make no mistake trying to do what I am to do. That is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. To bring as many converts as possible to our church. We all have our own agency This is to pick a church we feel that does the best for each of us. doing this peacefully is the way to go.


  5. Another suggestion for enjoying your time with the Lord through reading the word, is to begin with prayer. Ask Him to let you hear his word to you and give understanding. Set out to notice what you’re reading says about God/may His promises/ Instructions. Consider it a letter He has written to you personally. God bless you for encouraging others to get in the word.

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  6. What a great post!

    Thanks for pointing out some really great ways for people to get into the word of God.

    Some people have a harder time reading than they do listening so listening to the Bible is also a great way to take it in. In addition, all of the Gospels have word-for-word video adaptions available for those visual learners. There’s even a word-for-word adaption of Acts!

    Keep up the good work!

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  7. I am really enjoying reading your posts. This one really struck a chord with me because Bible reading is of particular interest to me and a topic I wrote about myself as a fellow Christian blogger. I think carving out time and dedicating space are excellent suggestions to better enjoy reading the Bible. Great post! Blessings.

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  8. Great post! It is a wonderful idea to have a specific place to read and study our Bible each day, a place that we really enjoy. Reading the Word of God is so very important and something we need to be doing each day. All of your ideas are great really. Thank you for following my blog too! God bless you!

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  9. I don’t want to miss anything so I have, as an adult, always started at the beginning and worked my way through to the end. I also read the “Catholic Books” because I feel the Protestant Bible is a bit dry and pared down. Problem is, these days I stop reading after a while and thus have to start at the beginning again to maintain that sense of continuity. Only recently have I been reading an online Bible so can bookmark it and not lose the bookmark!

    It is the best book around, for sure. But it is so easy to get distracted by less everlasting interests. 😁

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  10. Long ago when reading the Bible and hearing people preach from it, I”ve often found conflict between the reading and that which is preached. Hard headed me always beleived the Bible to be the scripture of truth. Then I found the dictionary of the Bible’s original languages numbered and indexed to the entire KJV. All without the aid of computers in the 1800’s. WOW! What a gift. Have used the Strong’s Concordance ever since 1985. The process I named CSI – DOD or Comprehensive Scriptural Investigation utilizing Doctrine of Definition. Today, my 1975 edition of Strong’s is held together with duct tape (must be a red neck) along with several KJV copies of the Bible. Have one I call my Rainbow Bible because I got the idea of using different highlighters for different subjects in study. Now that I have internet (since summer 2020) found https://studybible.info/version/KJV_Strongs and it comes in real handy for cut and paste in my blogs. It too is a God Send! Saves lots of typing time. Like in the “X-Files”, the truth is in there (The Holy Bible)! Just need a dictionary to dig it out. Remember how the school teacher would tell you to look it up in the dictionary when asked how to just spell a word? The spirit of truth is my tutor. LOLGB+

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  11. Another way to get deeper into the Bible is to take a passage that you are drawn to and to journal it. Don’t try to make sense when you write — just write down the thoughts that come to you. I like to set a timer for about 10 minutes and see where it goes. That might seem like it’s not much time, but you can write a lot in 10 minutes.

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