Beautiful Mother’s Day Prayer to Share with Mom on Sunday

For all of us Christians that are lucky enough to still have our mom’s in our lives, let’s do our absolute best to make they have the BEST mother’s day possible this Sunday!

My grandmother recently passed away, so this will be the first year my mom won’t have a mother to call up or spend time with on Mother’s Day, so I’m going to do my best to make sure she has a beautiful day.

I’m so grateful that Mother’s Day always falls on a Sunday so that I can attend church with my mom on her day, it’s just a great way to start the holiday!

Other than attending church services with my entire family on Mother’s Day, one of the best ways to enjoy this holiday is by having a nice breakfast, lunch, or dinner with your mom where she does nothing but enjoy the meal with her family, so if you cook, or go out to a restaurant, here’s a wonderful prayer you may want to share with your mom:

“Lord, thank you for all mothers. For the new ones, who endure sleepless nights with infants in arms.

For the busy ones, who juggle the pressures of home and family life.

For the steadfast ones, who nurture and care for our special vulnerable children.

For the patient ones, who always seek to forgive and engage with their pre-teens. For the persistent ones, who cleverly find new ways to connect with their mini-adults.

For the mother aunts, who step in to cradle and care for nieces and nephews.
For all grandmas, who love and support their precious grandchildren. For the foster mothers that are called to gather and cover the fragile ones. – Amen”

Please give your mothers the biggest hugs and kisses on Sunday…and oh yeah, you should also get her a nice flower arrangement because moms love getting flowers!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog…that really means a lot to me!

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55 thoughts on “Beautiful Mother’s Day Prayer to Share with Mom on Sunday

  1. Lovely blog, If you are like your mother I bet she is as beautiful in appearance and spirit as you are and I believe your grandmother was too. I believe you will a awesome mommy as well some day. Love you, your brother Samuel .

    Liked by 3 people

      1. As beautiful as you are in godly and physical why, I am sure your hope you will be a wonderful mother and wife, you can even invite me to your wedding, and I will buy Bibles for your children. You are such a bright light, of God’s glory and love,

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Your replies light my world like a roman candle!! You are real treasure if you don’t know it I will remain you, I know God is good, keep letting your light shine for Him,, Love you,

        Liked by 2 people

      3. I feel the same way. I hope that I will be a Good Husband and Father some day if it is in God’s plans for me. The Older that I get, the more that I feel that I have less and less Time. Some people tell me, “Oh, your only on your 30’s”. Yeah well, I am starting to wonder if maybe it is not in God’s plans for me to get Married and have a Family someday. That is why I throw my Life into helping people and fighting for people’s God given Rights, people’s Motorcycle Rights people’s Constitutional Rights, people’s Civil Rights, etc….. I will just have to keep having Faith in God

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  2. My mother died for a particularly rare type of lymphoma after 4 years of destructive cancer treatment. The same disease killed Paul McCartney’s wife Linda Eastman heir to the Eastman fortune, in 2 years, and she had the best care money could buy. I was lucky to have have had such a loving mother. She even liked the same music as my brothers and I, the Beatles and the Moddy Blues. I was blessed while she was alive.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. In Sweden Mothers Day is the last Sunday of May. In USA it is the second Sunday I believe. I really messed up this year as my husband’s 60th birthday was on USAmerican mother’s day and my dear mother lives in the states. I feel horrible and she is not hearing anything about my sending flowers and wasting money on her. Right now, I am grieving for the mother’s in Ukraine, Russia, Texas and more. Blessed Be. May they find solace and comfort.

    Liked by 4 people

  4. 💜 My Mom was a “CHRISTIANTECHNERD” then SHE!!! Had an Epiphany EveryOne; a Reliastion that “CHRISTIAN!!!” was an insult and mockery thrown by The Romans and Jews ✡️ 🙄 😒 🤣 🙂 😂 ✡️ who NAILED!!! Bro Jesu to The Cross ✝️ so is NOW!!! a Believer in The Ministry of Bro Jesu who ALWAYS!!! Answers a Question with a Queer Question or a Confusing Parable; watch ‘The Life of Brian’ ~ Monty Python Movie 🎬 to Further 🎶 😄 😀 😆 🤣 😜 🎶 Understand This Simple yet Complex Truth


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  5. Hello Christiantechnerd. Your blogs are not only beautiful but thoughtfully written and displayed on WP. You are so young and in a number of life-learning lessons, you are still growing in trusting God and experiencing scripture lessons…don’t forget, God’s Word is new every morning. I said all of this because I wondered if you missed a learning opportunity by not accepting that job with a tech company. Do you have any regrets? Ii pray your life’s journey will be completely ordered by God. Amen.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. I hope you don’t mind but I thought I’d use this space to thank you for the recent ‘likes’ you’ve given me. It’s great to get the encouragement. Makes me smile.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. I dropped by your blog this evening after seeing that you had taken the time to visit mine. Thanks for writing about Mother’s Day and its importance. I lost my Mom 5 years ago this November, and I still miss her every day. Mother’s Day holds a special meaning for me. As one of my followers said to me after reading my one of my posts on my Mom … “Blessed are those of us who had a Mother who wanted to be one.”

    I am one of those blessed ones, as it seems you are. Thanks for your lovely post and for the Mother’s Day prayer … Keith

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I’ve only looked at a few posts so far, but your blog exudes the way of a Joyous Christian Life and that is Fantastic, you are doing something inspiring. I realize this is a Mother’s Day Post, I’m commenting on Nov. 2, but that might not be too far fetched as Christmas is a coming when we especially remember Mary giving birth to Jesus. So maybe 2022 years ago, maybe 2024 years possibly, don’t remember what the expert calendar count is, or for that matter time of year, but if we use Dec 25th as Mary’s Due date, then on Nov. 2, she was a bit over 28 weeks! We often don’t talk about that perspective. But fast forward, what Mothers go through to bring life into the world, and subsequently protect life, is something to be celebrated! God Bless you!

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