An AMAZING American: Glenn Beck Raises $30 Million to Rescue Afghan Christians!

Hi! It’s me the Christian Tech Nerd! I hope that I’m not bothering you today because I know everyone has a busy schedule, but I wanted to share with you a story about an AMAZING American celebrity that uses his fame to help others and not just himself!

An AMAZING Christian: Glenn Beck Raises $30 Million to Rescue Afghan Christians!

Radio host Glenn Beck and an organization he founded have raised $30 million to rescue Christians and other at-risk Afghanistan from the Taliban – and so far, more than 1,000 have been flown out of Kabul.

The organization, the Nazarene Fund, was founded by Beck to rescue Christians and other persecuted religious and ethnic minorities worldwide. Its mission in Afghanistan is its biggest operation yet.

On Tuesday, Beck said $30 million had been raised through the Nazarene Fund’s website to fly airplanes in and out of Kabul in order to save at-risk Afghans.

Tim Ballard, CEO of the Nazarene Fund, said three airplanes funded by Nazarene donors had taken off from Kabul’s airport – each loaded with approximately 340 people.

“That means that we have now been able to rescue over 1,000 people,” Ballard said in a video.

In earlier videos, Ballard said there are thousands more who need to be rescued who are “our Christian brothers and sisters” and/or U.S. citizens. Many, he said, are “texting us and scared to death because they can’t even get to the airport.”

Beck, who is in another country in the region overseeing the process, said in a Tuesday video, “We are still moving people.”

“At this point, it’s like, if you’re a Christian, if you’re a female judge – I don’t care, get on the plane,” he said.

Beck, though, expressed frustration that the State Department is slowing the process. The Biden administration and the State Department, he said, are the biggest roadblocks. He also criticized President Biden for setting a deadline for removing Americans.

“We do not leave people behind – ever, ever ever,” Beck said, referencing the United States. “Call your senator, call your congressman. Tell them to put the heat on the State Department. … This is an abomination on what is happening.”

Despite the bureaucratic barriers, Beck said, there is “a lot of good news” to report.

“Keep your prayers coming,” Beck said. “Keep your thoughts, contributions moving. It’s working.”

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