10 best iPhone apps for Christians

Here are my picks for the 10 best iPhone apps for Christians!

10 – The Bible Memory App (iPhone App)

Scripture memorization isn’t just for Sunday school kids. Hiding passages of the Bible in your heart gives you a great well of truth to draw from when you are facing temptation or trial. Daily Bible reading is one way, but a dedicated plan for Scripture memorization is another way to saturate your mind with God’s Word. It can also provide the fuel for biblical meditation throughout your day.

The Bible Memory is a Christian app which makes memorizing verses just that much easier. More than mere flash cards, this app systematically removes words in the verses you are attempting to memorize until you can type the whole thing from memory. It also has prompts for when to review the verses you have already mastered so that you retain them over time.

9 – Sermon Audio App (iPhone App)

God designed His Word to be preached. Sitting under sound preaching in a local church is an act of worship and foundational to spiritual growth. But one of the special blessings we enjoy in this age of the internet is access to lots and lots of great preaching to supplement what we receive from our local pastor.

I have used the Sermon Audio website for years. It provides the ability to find preachers from around the world to listen to. You can search by name, topic, or Bible passage. This handy Sermon Audio app makes it easy to stream or download a sermon. And if your church uses Sermon Audio, you can set it up so that you are tracking with all of your pastor’s latest messages.

8 – Overcast App (iPhone App)

I find the default iOS podcast app to be frustrating and unintuitive. I recently made the switch, therefore, to Overcast. Overcast is an award winning podcast app that organizes you podcasts in a simple way. But why am I even recommending a podcast app at all on my list of the best Christian apps?

There are tons of great Christian podcasts out there. I’ve mentioned at least one before. But podcasts are a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the Christian world or, like sermon audio, to get the latest sermons from your church or other preachers you like.

So, whether you’ve been using the default podcasts app for a while or have never even tried listening to podcasts, I recommend you download the free Overcast app and add it to your personal list of best Christian apps for iPhone.

7 – You Need a Budget App (iPhone App)

We’ve talked before about the importance of having a budget for financial stewardship. And I even wrote a post on the best budgeting software for Christians, You Need a Budget. So, I’ve included the YNAB app in this list of best Christian apps. Because for me it is a critical component to ensuring that I am being the wisest steward I can possibly be with God’s resources.

While the app itself is free, you need to be a YNAB customer to use the service. Check out my full article on YNAB for more information on this great budgeting software.

6 – RefNet App (iPhone App)

Podcasts and sermons are great, but sometimes you just want to turn on the radio and let someone else pick what to listen to. You can try your local Christian radio station, but nine times out of ten you’ll either be tuning into straight heresy or just sentimental tripe (no strong opinions here, folks).

RefNet from the folks at Ligonier Ministries is a wonderful internet radio station which curates excellent sermons and teaching from trusted teachers along with elevated worship music and Bible reading. The iPhone app is a great way to bring RefNet with you wherever you go which is why it is number 6 on the 10 best Christians apps for iPhone.

5 – The Study Bible App (iPhone App)

I keep several Bible apps on my phone. In fact, the one I use the most, Accordance, isn’t even on this list because I thought it would be too specialized. But one Bible app I keep on my iPhone is The Study Bible by Grace to You.

It’s quite a nice app and includes the ability to listen to an audio Bible companion to whatever passage you are on. But the killer feature to this app is that for an in-app purchase you can get all of the notes from the MacArthur Study Bible. I frequently find myself referencing this resource. So, having it in my pocket is tremendously handy. It also gives the ability to access all of MacArthur’s sermon archives from within the Bible app as well.

4 – Productive – Habit Tracker App (iPhone App)

I am a strong believer in healthy habits. Training yourself for holiness includes daily rhythms that gradually over time shape you into the man or woman God wants you to be. But habits are hard to form, so I’ll take any help I can get!

One app I’ve found to be helpful in forming habits is Productive. It allows you to set up habits and the frequency with which you would like to do them (e.g. daily, weekly, only on Sundays, etc.) and it will remind you at certain times to do them and ask you to log whether you have or haven’t performed that habit. It gives you rewards for keeping up a streak and gives you a good historical picture of how well you’ve done. There’s nothing like looking back on your calendar and seeing that you haven’t broken that streak for an entire month.

I’ve used this app to track daily Bible reading and prayer habits, exercise, and even to track things I want to avoid doing. The digital accountability this app provides is why it’s number four on the 10 best iPhone apps for Christians.

3 – Grace to You Sermons App (iPhone App)

If you want solid expository verse-by-verse teaching, John MacArthur is your man. And the Grace to You Sermons app is your ticket to all of pastor John’s massive sermon archive.

This guy has preached verse-by-verse through the entire New Testament. So, if you’re wanting to hear a sermon on any passage in the New Testament, this app has you covered. I have had this app on my phone for years so I can listen to the daily GTY broadcast. I really think this is one of the best iPhone apps for Christians, which is why it takes the number three spot on this list.

2 – Prayer Mate App (iPhone App)

How many times have you told someone “I’ll pray for you” and then immediately forgotten? Prayer Mate is a simple and handy app that allows you to store up all of the things you want to be praying about and have it give you a prayer list each day. This app helps you not to forget so that you continue to pray with perseverance until the Lord answers.

One of the coolest thing about tracking prayer requests over the long-term is when you get to change a daily prayer request from a request into a praise because you have seen it be answered. It’s also really neat to be able to text a friend and let them know you are praying for something specific they told you about months or even years ago. That is tremendously encouraging.

1 – Bible App (iPhone App)

The Bible App by Life Church is simply the best Bible app for the iPhone. There is no contest. That is why it tops the list of the 10 best iPhone apps for Christians. This app has every translation you can imagine, an excellent user interface, and other great features like daily Bible reading plans and devotionals. The best part is it’s all free.

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