Ways to Better Enjoy Reading the Bible

The Word of God is full of history, wisdom, poetry, warnings, and truth. When approached with a heart open to the Holy Spirit’s whispers and a mind focused on understanding, the Bible can be one of a Christian’s greatest resources and treasured objects. But it also takes time. It can be confusing. It can feel like a chore and an obligation sometimes, particularly in seasons of spiritual difficulty or when life gets busy.

For some people, they never had an opportunity to build in the habit to have daily quiet time to invest in studying the Bible, and struggle to start. There are many ways the world can serve as a distraction as well.

God wants us to be in His Word, spending time with Him, and getting to know Him through that time and study; one of the Psalms reads, “More to be desired are [God’s precepts in the Word] are they than gold, even much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and drippings of the honeycomb” (Psalm 19:10). Studying the Bible should be a sweet experience, so finding ways to make it a better experience can help someone enjoy their time in the Bible more.

Here are a few ways to better enjoy reading the Bible:

Create a Space for Reading Your Bible

Some people find it easier to read under certain conditions. Some of them prefer to be in dark corners with overhead light, or others in a window with full natural light. Creating a personalized space with your favorite chair and good light that you want to spend time in can make reading the Bible a treat.

There are also scientific studies that suggest studying in the same place and environment can help with retention. Making a space dedicated to spending time alone with God and His Word is also inviting the Lord into your home in a real way.

Make It a Challenge

For the person who thrives in competition – or just likes to go the extra mile – finding ways to make reading the Bible a challenge can make it more engaging. Maybe see how many verses in a chapter you can memorize. Try reading a book in a month. Challenge yourself to read one of the dense, or more challenging texts like Isaiah or Ezekiel.

There are also free Bible reading challenges you can find online that can push your boundaries, get you to stretch yourself, and maybe even get a few friends to participate so you can have discussion.

Follow a Bible Reading Plan Themed around a Concern or Topic of Interest

When people go through phases of life, sometimes they need to focus on passages of the Bible that can speak to whatever they are experiencing.

Struggling with doubt? Find passages and stories that focus on confidence in God’s plan. Want to learn more about Israel’s time in exile? Spend your time in Daniel, Ezra, and Nehemiah. Need a little more joy in your life? Seek out passages that speak about joy.

Have Background Music Playing

Whether white noise helps a person focus, or they find music spiritually engaging, playing music can enhance time in the Word. Some people may turn to light, ambient music with no words, while others may want an uplifting worship tune. Some people cannot focus in silence, so music helps their brain engage and focus on the task at hand. It can also make quiet time a more sensory experience.

Do It with a Friend or Family Member

Being able to share thoughts, feelings, and ideas with another person may make reading the Bible a more fun experience. Have a coffee date once a week with a friend to exchange notes and observations. Make it a family experience, with everyone in the family reading the same verses or passages and then discuss it over dinner.

The Bible can act as a wonderful tool for bonding between people, and the company can provide an avenue for discovering more about God’s Word. The Holy Spirit illuminates different things to different people, so the opportunity to share how the Lord is working in each individual’s life through their study can be fulfilling.

Memorize Your Favorite Verses

Memorization can be difficult, but rewarding. Lots of people want to have better recall for Bible verses, so using quiet study time as an opportunity to focus on learning certain passages by heart can be an effective way to start the memorization process. Whether you learn better by repeating aloud, reading the same thing several times, or writing something down, engaging with the Bible in a tactile way with the intent to embed it in your heart and mind is always a worthwhile pursuit.


Everyone is different and has their own approach to making an activity engaging and enjoyable. Not every tip is going to work for every person, but each one is worth giving a try. Experimenting with when you read the Bible can have an impact as well. The Bible is a sweet and wonderful resource for Christians, so making sure that reading it is not a chore is important to spiritual growth. Find more ways to make Bible study a pleasure, and not an obligation.


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15 Dangerous Lies Satan Tells You about Scripture

Please let me know your thoughts on these “15 Dangerous Lies Satan Tells You about Scripture”…but only if you have time to do so because I know everyone is extremely busy with their daily lives as it is, but if you do have time to share your thoughts with me I’d very much appreciate it!

15 Dangerous Lies Satan Tells You about Scripture

(The devil) was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar, and the father of lies. – John 8:44

If I were the devil, I would do everything in my power to keep you from the Word of God. I would say anything I could think of, anything I thought you would believe, anything that works, to get you to read other things.

As Paul said, “We are not ignorant of his devices” (2 Corinthians 2:11). We know how he works. And here are some of the lies we have noticed pouring out of his factory, all geared toward destroying confidence in God’s Word.

Lie #1: “You already know it, so don’t read it.”

He’s lying to you. You do not know it. I’ve studied the Bible all my life and in no way could I say I “know” it. I know a great deal about it, but there is so much more. For the typical church member to shun the Bible because “I’ve been there and done that” is laughable.

Lie #2: “No one can understand it, so don’t read it.”

He’s lying. Even a child can understand a great deal of Scripture. Meanwhile, the Ph.D. will find plenty to challenge his thinking. Only a book from the Almighty could touch so many at every level of their existence.

Lie #3: “It’s boring. So don’t read it.”

He’s lying. The Bible is a lot of things, but boring is not one of them.

We’re boring, and that’s the problem.

Lie #4: “It’s better left to the professionals. So, don’t read it.”

He’s lying, using a lie he once sold to the Catholic church during the Middle Ages. By keeping the Holy Scriptures in the Latin (and not in the language of the people) the church could give it whatever slant they chose. Some hardy individuals paid for the right for us to own Scriptures in our own tongue with their very lives. We must not take lightly the privilege we have to own a copy of the very Word of God in our own language.

Lie #5: “You need to know Greek and Hebrew to know what it really means. So, don’t bother reading it.

He’s lying. The English conveys very well the meanings of Scripture in their original languages. However, reading the Bible in its original forms is still thrilling, and we encourage people to study Hebrew and Greek if possible.

Lie #6: “The English Bible was not translated correctly. If you doubt that, listen to preachers say, ‘The translators got this wrong. What it really says is…’ So, don’t read it.”

The devil is lying, and half the time those preachers are misrepresenting the truth too. Just read it.

Lie #7: “It’s contradictory. So don’t read it.”

He’s got a half-truth here, but he’s still lying. There are no contradictions in Scripture regarding any doctrine or teaching of consequence. There are places where one writer says 100 people were killed and another writer said it was 1000…that sort of thing. Scholars often have explanations for this. To me personally, I love those little shades of differences. They are the very answer to the charge that the church tampered with the Bible to make it say what they want. If so, they would have cleaned up those loose ends! (Smiley-face goes here.)

Lie #8: “Experts disagree on what it means. So, don’t read it.”

He’s lying. The Christian church, no matter what denomination, agrees with 90 percent of the Scripture message. Or even more.

Lie #9: “The Bible is outdated. Not for our modern times. So, don’t read it.”

He’s lying. It’s as contemporary as this morning’s paper. Or even more so. And as C. S. Lewis once asked, “What does today’s date have to do with anything?”

Lie #10: “The Bible is just a bunch of rules. So, don’t read it.”

He’s lying once again. Scripture is anything but that. It contains the greatest stories, most inspiring teachings, and blessed insights imaginable.

Lie #11: “You are so far beyond that. The Bible has nothing for you. So, don’t read it.”

He’s lying. And the best response to this is: “Well, I’ll see for myself,” as you open it up.

Lie #12: “Men wrote it. So, forget about it being divine. Don’t waste your time reading it.”

Another half-truth that is a whole lie. True: “Holy men of old wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit,” said the apostle in 2 Peter 1:21. God used men and women to write the Scripture; it did not drop to earth fully written.

Lie #13: “Reading the Bible will turn you into a religious fanatic. And you don’t want people thinking you’re a nut. Do not risk that by reading the Bible.”

He’s lying. They say that “a fanatic is someone who loves Jesus more than you do.” What reading the Bible will do is introduce you to the Savior, teach you about salvation, and nourish your soul. Anything that can do that is your friend and, instead of making you weird will make you whole. See 2 Timothy 3:15-17. Once again, Satan is lying.

Lie #14: “No one with intelligence reads the Bible anymore. Only religious fundamentalists and extremists. So, don’t read it.”

He’s lying. Some of the smartest people on the planet—including scientists and professors and philosophers and my neighbor down the street—read and love the Holy Bible. And they are among the sanest people on the planet.

Lie #15: “You’re too busy. You can read it some other time when you are feeling spiritual, when you have plenty of time, when you’re older. Just don’t read it now.”

He’s lying. You are not too busy; maybe too lazy. Or too worldly, too unbelieving, or too lost. To wait until you are “feeling spiritual” (whatever that means) is a fool’s errand, and you should not fall for that. To wait until you are older is another ploy he uses on the simple-minded. Many a person has gone out into eternity lost who had planned to take care of these matters down the road when they were elderly. The only problem is they didn’t live to become elderly. Don’t let it happen to you.


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