Christian and Conservative Videos To Make You Think Out Loud

I hope everyone reading this is having the BEST day possible!

I would LOVE to share with everyone a few very important Christian and Conservative videos that contain extremely important informmation! If you have time to watch any of them please let me know which video contained information you were unaware of!

But I want to show complete transparency that I was paid to publish the videos below. They are really great videos though, and I hope you watch them all. But I believe in honesty, and I don’t want anyone to think that my blog will be full of advertisements! I’ve just been busy with college, and I thought this would be a great way to continue delivering great content, but I will get back to only writing once the semester ends!

Finally, the YouTbe channel below is paying me $1.00 for every subscriber my blog generates for them. Again, I want to be 100% honest with if you do subscribe to the YouTube channel below I do receive $1.00.

Video 1 – Shocking Truth About America’s BIGGEST Threats in 2023

Want To Keep Your Family Safe from America’s BIGGEST threats in 2023? Then you need to


Video 2 – Are Americans Being Censored from an Imminent Attack?

It seems Big Tech is intent on turning the whole internet woke.

And muzzling anyone with a patriotic opinion.

But do they have an even more sinister agenda?


Video 3 – Ancient Biblical Cocktail The US Government Is Hiding from Christians!

The video was recently recorded and shows a book that was discovered in the sand dunes of the Israeli desert.

Archeologists have confirmed it is over 2,000 years old.

But what makes this book so unusual are the strange symbols within its pages — they don’t resemble any known language.


Video 4 – Secret Bible Ingredient “Holy Oil” Relieves Chronic Pain

This is a very important video that ALL Christians, Conservatives, and American patriots must be made aware of…especially if you’re suffering from CHRONIC PAIN caused by illness and ailments (such as arthritis for example).


Video 5 – Hidden Threat That ALL Americans Need To Be Aware Of

You might think the biggest threat to America is nuclear war with Russia…

Or a terrorist attack from the Taliban…

Or even a biological weapon from China…

But a recently leaked government report reveals our regime is terrified of something else entirely.



9 thoughts on “Christian and Conservative Videos To Make You Think Out Loud

  1. Thank You for sharing these stories and these videos. Especially the one about the power grids going down. You think kind of like I do with trying to warn the public. Sadly I have been saying this kind of stuff for years giving the fact that I used to work for the United States government and I also served our government as a retired first lieutenant now. The sad part about this is our government knows that this could happen. Yet they don’t really say nothing because some of it is they don’t want to cause panic because they know that panic is a big problem causes chaos chaos causes anarchy. Another part of it is some of our government just doesn’t care sadly. You can see that with all the pill W’s that they left behind in Vietnam. This is a little bit off the subject but I once asked our government when I worked for them why they don’t bring our POW’s home and our MIA’s home given the fact you’re still at least 2,500 unaccounted pows and Mia from the Vietnam War. The response that I received from our own United States government with the United States Department of Veterans affairs was and I quote due to the fact that our soldiers have been killed ws and missing an action for all these years, their brains are fried, and it would cost way too much money for all the medical care that they would need for the rest of their lives and quote. Sadly our government spend so much money on stuff that they don’t need such as the current Administration just sent 1 billion dollars to the Ukraine for weapons for them to defend themselves and now another 400 million dollars to the Ukraine for more weapons for them to defend themselves. Yet our government claims they don’t have the money to take care of these veterans who served our country and were left behind. That’s the big problem that I have when I was serving this country and our government would tell people quote we don’t leave a person behind and quote. That is the one of the biggest lies that there is because our government left our own soldiers behind in Vietnam and in other Wars as well. Back to the to the point at hand, I’m so glad that you posted this because this is something that is very upsetting and it very well could happen. sadly the United States of America and our military does not have enough troops right now to defend our country if another Pearl Harbor and or another September 11th attack what happened here. That is why you’re constantly seeing military recruiting commercials on television for the national guard for the Air Force for the Marines for the Army for the Navy for the space force for the Coast guard and you’re seeing posters on some of these things that they have called bubbler bikes for the military to recruit people. If another attack were to happen on America it would be open season on America because we don’t have enough troops right now. Most of the troops that we have to defend this country are left over seasoned War veterans from both the September 11th Wars and the war’s on terror and the wars in Afghanistan from 2003. 70% of our military is made up of the seasoned veterans who have been in at least 20 years or more and that is because nobody really wants to serve anymore today. As I was once told we inherited our freedom from those who fought for it and it is time for us to protect that freedom for the next Generation. I honestly believe too as a rabbi and a person in general a Christian Jewish person that is time for America to turn back to God. Not just America though, it’s time for the whole world to turn back to God because this is not the world that got intended for us. I honestly believe that the biggest threat to humanity is not some virus but humanity itself.

    This came from a movie but it is absolutely true. Arnold Schwarzenegger said in Terminator 2 Judgment Day, “It is in your nature to destroy yourselves”. Referring to humanity. That is very sad when you think about it especially given a fact this movie came out back in 1990 when I was just a child growing up.

    Today most people do what they want to do instead of following God’s plan and that’s very sad. I just wanted to express how I felt about this and I hope that you are okay with what I’m saying here. May God bless you and all your readers as well as everything that God created. Amen

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  2. Thank you for sharing this information with us. This is good to know. The Lord only knows what is going on in this world that is being kept from us by those who may know. Whatever is going on, God will eventually reveal. Nothing will be made right until Jesus returns, and that is just the truth. Have a blessed week.


  3. 💜 Bro Jesu was never a “christian” EveryOne; only ever a Jew that was nailed to a cross for speaking his mind EveryBody…then Roman Emperor Constantine tried to save Believers in Christ and Their Own Christ Consciousness; by Creating Christianity and stopping them from Being Thrown To The Lions, Gladiators and Other Beasts in The Auditoriums like The Colosseum


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